Border Patrol Portable Hockey Rink For Sale
Call 847-682-2816

Enough Panels to Build it 90' Wide by 180' Long

Panels Velcro Together to form One Continuous Rink

Its Great for Roller Hockey or Ice Hockey Programs.

A Rink this size... New Will Cost you$4,950.oo   12" System
Plus Taxes of ~ $400.oo

Plus Shipping Charges
That's a Total of over $

We are also including the Netting System ( not seen here  )
which consists of the 
4' tall Nets and Stands that extend along the entire ends of the rink and also wraps around to the sides.


We are also including Advertising Panels ... which allow you to easily slide in 10" x 10 ' card bored advertising panels... allowing you to advertise your sponsors or your program information... like phone number,  ect...

We are selling all of this for $ 3,000.oo

You can buy a New Rink and Only the Rink and pay over $ 6,000.oo
or you can pay $ 3,000.oo and buy a used rink that has 75% of its useful life left in it, with the Netting System included, and with the Advertising Panels included and best of all... No Taxes.
It sounds like a deal to me.
The price is firm and nonnegotiable. 

Call  847-682-2816  to Purchase it.  Questions are welcome.

On this particular day it was VERY WINDY, so we laid the Panels on their Side so the Wind would blow over the side of them instead of Blowing them around.
They normally Stand Twice as Tall. You can also see here how they are velcrowed together on thier sides